How It Started

Louisville was missing something, something our Founding Members had all individually experienced in other cities. They imagined a place where like-minded individuals could get together to network, relax, work, socialize, bet, and have a great time over fine food, delicious cocktails and exceptional cigars. A place where individuals could plan and execute exclusive events, from chef-inspired dinners to luxurious afterparties. They were able to renovate a beautiful space, to create something that was more impressive than their vision. And whether they realized it at the time, that beautiful space, with thoughtful details, set the stage for the entire concept: 

no such thing as too much detail, no such thing as going too far above or beyond.

And then…

Before long, they opened the doors of The Louisville Thoroughbred Society. 

What they saw was surprising, as the culture was born and then took on a life of its own; and once again they saw more opportunities to evolve their concept.

How it’s Going…

The Louisville Thoroughbred Society has become Louisville’s go-to spot where successful movers and shakers come together for fun, business and to enjoy the finer things in life. 

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